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The Small Bee Steward

Dennis Rittenhouse

1404 Johnson Avenue.
Point Pleasant, N.J. 08742
e-mail: thesmallbeesteward@gmail.com

Home: 732 295-8233

Cell: 732 678-8368

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The Small Bee Steward

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Dennis Rittenhouse


Home 732 295-8233

Cell 732 678-8368


      The Small Bee Steward

                    Honey Bee Husbandry
About The Small Bee Steward


Constant emphasis is on the health and well being of honey bees, primarily apis mellifera ligustica, the Italian strain.  My commitment is to remove only excess honey, when available, and to keep the hives as chemical-free as possible.   



- Backyard Small Cell Beekeeping
- Homeowner Hive Management
- Workshop Presentations
- Warre Hive & Nuc Sales





New Jersey Beekeepers Association

Central Jersey Beekeepers Association

Eastern Apiculture Society


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