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Well, well, well....services.  You know this labor of love has many facets, but the basics of my services are: Backyard Small Hive/Small Cell Beekeeping, Homeowner Hive Management, Workshop Presentations, and Warre Hive & Nuc Sales.  Naturally, there is some overlap among these services, but more of the specifics are detailed below.

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Backyard Small Hive...Small Cell Beekeeping...Warre hives are my domain.  I do not own any larger sized or shaped hives, nor do I service this type of equipment.  Also, over time I have converted my top-bar hives to full, open frames.  Consider different possibilities.  I have referenced some specifics on this page, but you may want to look at the L.O.A., the Letter Of Agreement page for ideas, or ask a question via the Contact page.


Workshop Presentations...Whether it's sitting in on a lecture or giving a presentation, continuing education is a joy for me!  Having come from a long line of teachers from elementary school through college professors, and having served in the profession myself, I love the living classroom environment.  So, should you be interested, please inquire via my Contact page.  Thank you. 


Homeowner Hive Management....A new service adventure for me!  Maybe there is a person who is brand new to beekeeping or who desires to have bees in their backyard, but they either do not have the knowledge at the moment, or they do not have the time to care for the bees.  I will care for the bees on a year-to-year agreement.  See L.O.A., the Letter of Agreement page, that serves as an understanding for us.

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Warre Hive & Nuc Sales....Components constructed to Warre's metric measurements..all white pine.  Boxes, bottom boards, quilts, and candy boards painted in dark green exterior latex, to retain heat. Tops are dark red. Example above illustrates bare wood. All full, open frames are white pine.  Contents?  Apis mellifera ligustica, Italian Honey Bees.  

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Constant emphasis is on the health and well being of honey bees, primarily apis mellifera ligustica, the Italian strain.  My commitment is to remove only excess honey, when available, and to keep the hives as chemical-free as possible.   



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